Benefits of Big Data for your company

Digital Performance Management

Do you not stop listening to what Big Data solutions bring to companies? We tell you some of the competitive advantages that this technology would have in your company.

With the new fashion of these technological solutions, Big Data is one of the most discussed topics today, together with artificial intelligence. There are already many companies that help with this type of solutions to facilitate processes, decisions or procedures of their companies.

At DigitalPM, as a consultancy in Barcelona, we know the potential and power of Big Data. Therefore, we do not want you to miss even one of its advantages:

1- Security in your data:
Thanks to the Big Data tools, you can quickly and efficiently control the entire data ecosystem of your organization, allowing you to analyze possible internal threats. In addition, you can detect if potentially sensitive information is not adequately protected and requires assurance.

2- Improve decision making:
From the analysis of the data, decision making within a company can be substantially improved. How? Minimizing the risks. It’s like many organizations are joining Big Data technology to optimize their decisions by analyzing data from customers, employees or even sensors incorporated in the products.

3- New sources of income:
The information obtained from the analysis of the data made by the Big Data tools allow not only the profitability of the actions of your own company, but can be sold as trend data to other organizations that may be interested. For example, the company Shazam, a mobile app that allows you to identify songs, helps record companies identify musical sub-cultures thanks to the data they get from millions of users who use their application.

4- Reduction of maintenance costs:
The Big Data can predict and anticipate that from time to time, a type of equipment has to change or can fail. In this way, the maintenance service of a company would be reduced thanks to the sensors that capture a very valuable amount of data that would result in a much more efficient maintenance.

5- More dynamic data visualization:
Big Data initiatives require improvements in data visualization tools (tables, graphs, intuitive corporate presentations). These applications allow end users to search and access information much more quickly and in some cases, in real time. All this facilitates the monitoring and analysis of the platforms of each company, as well as the control of the information at the moment in which it is generated.

Infographics of @planimedia