Today it is vital that your brand define your goals, determine who are your potential audience and know what content you have to contribute value, according to the defined strategy. To do this, we will generate marketing campaigns that will serve potential customers who are users of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and Blogger.

With a good marketing strategy and social networks you can define which audience you want to attract and convert. As your social media agency in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, we will position your brand, your goals and customize channels towards the target you are targeting.


Content Marketing

The generation of dialogues is another key in the management of marketing strategies and Social Media. To achieve them, we create unique and personalized content for each of our clients. The diffusion of these contents in social networks and blog will result in a progressive growth of their communities giving voice to your company and transmitting personality and notoriety to your brand.

We develop the most appropriate content strategy for your company by creating relevant content to attract the target through the network. Seducing the client through useful and interesting content beyond the common advertising messages. We are your experienced content marketing agency.

Community Management and Monitoring

The correct management of the various social network platforms is of vital importance to impact the potential public and transmit the expertise of your brand in each sector.

Thanks to the management of social networks and Community Management your brand will open its range of potential clients and will be heard by creating a careful and valued digital footprint. Getting your brand to transcend confidence and expertise is one of our goals to reach the potential audience more easily.

To achieve this, our Community Managers team will quickly respond to the comments, questions and all questions posed by your followers in the most individualized way possible and always transmitting the personality and identity of your company.


Measurement and control

We analyze the metrics day by day in order to optimize the operation of the plan and guide it more and more towards the achievement of your goal, in order to have a more consolidated and perfect strategy for your brand every time. To do this, we analyze the results of social networks and campaigns with which we work to verify that the objectives of the social media marketing strategies are met.

We notify our clients of the interaction, the audience, the virality, the reach, the engagement and the growth of their channels, in order to improve the strategy points and reach the proposed goals.

Branding & Development

At DigitalPM we have a team specialized in web design and development. If what you are looking for is a re-styling of your brand, a new company logo, the creation of a new corporate identity or a brand development.

The corporate identity of a company ranges from the design of a logo, corporate graphic design, new typefaces, new colors for your corporate identity. As the company’s own philosophy or key factors of the organization.

At DigitalPM we offer services such as logo design, restyling of existing logo, or Branding services. In addition, you can count on our professional team to give strength and presence to your business with a well positioned web in your sector. We always work and offer our clients a Responsive Design so that each web is adapted to any digital device and a web design that improves the user’s browsing experience.

Do not lose this chance! Contact us to assess what goals you can achieve with a new website or a restyling of the one you already have. Without compromise we will assess the situation of your company and we will offer you the best digital solutions to your goals.