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At BI-institute we look for the best solutions for our users, be they companies or individuals, offering them an individual and unique training experience.

Therefore, we offer training models that meet the diverse needs of our students. Our goal is to continue offering professionals all the knowledge in computer systems and programming (TIC).

BI-Institute offers a variety of courses with official certification, training and testing to meet the needs of professionals, partners, employees and students.


Our training certifications are officially recognized and will demonstrate that you have acquired the skills through rigorous study and practical experience in the chosen field.

In BI-Institute we are aware that each course has certain hours that do not always fit well with the schedules of the students. Therefore, we offer certification programs with a methodology adapted to the needs of each student:

  • Face-to-face training: each student has the possibility of attending the training they have chosen within the established time. You will have a team ready to follow the course and the practices of the class, as well as a teacher at your disposal to solve any doubts.
  • On-line training: our online courses will be taught within a set schedule and in which students can access the indicated platform if they wish, connect to the class from home or from an external computer.
  • Free Training: in this type of training, students will have access to each course so that, during a scheduled time, they can have the contents of the class and a tutor who will help them with their doubts.

Benefits & Results

  1. Effective training that is essential for the success of a project.
  2. Improvement of productivity in programming and systems techniques.
  3. Courses to become an expert in the management of the programming of systems, whatever the level of departure of the student.
  4. Continuous evaluation and personalized follow-up by the teachers.
  5. Immediate professional application of the acquired knowledge, in a dynamic, practical and flexible way.

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