DPM– Digital Performance Management

is a consulting company specializing in the application of performance measurement models: scorecards, planning models, consolidation and cost benefit.

In addition, we offer consulting services in process reengineering, consulting in digital business, Analytics and Big Data.

Our extensive experience in sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, industry and telecommunications, allows us to build and model DW based on extraction of data from transactional systems to exploit them analytically and predictively.

In addition, our team of professionals has been awarded by SortList as a trusted agency and consultant:



Our values

The services we offer are the result of our proven experience of more than 15 years providing our clients with criteria and solutions.
Ability to meet the expectations of each client, through personal integrity and personalized attention for each of them.
We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure a certainty of results aimed at achieving the objectives set.
Thanks to the preparation and expertise of our team, at DPM we develop innovative strategies and solutions that differ from your competitors.
Professional Behaviour
At DPM we believe that profitability is linked to results and therefore, we value the rights of individuals over other considerations.
At DPM we believe in an effective and ambitious challenge in the face of the uncertainty of committing ourselves to the business challenges of our clients.

Our Team

Digital Performance Management is formed by professionals with extensive experience in sectors such as healthcare, hospitality and leisure, industry and telecommunications. We are specialized in achieving the highest standards of quality analysis to obtain successful and testable results.

We are part of three locations in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao, in which our team has transformed its business style towards a digital transformation.