Familia Torres is considered the ‘most admired wine brand in the world’ by professionals in the sector, according to the magazine Drinks International. Since its origins in 1870, the Torres Family has combined tradition and innovation to become a reference winery in the wine and quality brandies sector.

La FamiliaTorres has had the honor, since its inception, that experts, critics and consumers have awarded the excellence and quality of their wines and brandies. The wine is a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation, but that is only perpetuated if it is inspired by the values of excellence. Since the beginning of our career as winemakers, the ambition of the Torres family has been to create wines and spirits of great quality, and take them to all corners of the world in order to promote memorable experiences.


The family company Bodegas Torres has more than 30 subsidiaries in 140 countries, faced the problem of consolidating the group's results in different currencies and with multiple transactions between the group companies.

Our Solution

Consolidation process of the group companies.


Automate the process of consolidation and traceability between inter-group transactions.

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